Artemis~ Goddess of the hunt

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Artemis~ Goddess of the hunt

Post  Naturelle on Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:42 am

Name~ Artemis Paige
Nickname[s]~ Sophia
Age~ Appears early twenties but is thousands of years old
Gender~ Female
Species~Goddess (therefore immortal)
Hometown~ Mount Olympus


Artemis is a natural looking woman with stunning red hair which curls way past her shoulders. Her pale skin makes her hair look ever more fiery. Her red hair and pale skin contrast with her dark green eyes which she often lines with kohl pencil. She often wears light and floaty clothing in earthy colours though when she completes task she always wears her warrior outfit – leather shorts, sleeveless dark vest with brass detailing on the shoulders, brass and leather wrist bracelet, brass décor around her neck and a headband housing a crescent moon – her symbol. Being Goddess of the Hunt she is often found with her longbow around her and her arrows in a hollowed horn slung over her shoulder. She is five foot five inches tall and has vine-like tattoos winding from her ankles onto her feet and up her legs. They also cover her arms and reaches up to her neck where it curls up in short spindles. Her ears are pierced and she also has a small stud on her nose. On her stomach she has a scar from where she was shot in the stomach.


Artemis is a very determined and focused individual. She can easily zone out everything around her and focus entirely on her goal to ensure she achieves the best possible result. When not focusing on her tasks, she can be a very warm and compassionate person – that is if she lets you in. She can often find people hard to trust and is therefore not always good with strangers. However, she is almost always polite and courteous to people making lots of people like her and hardly any enemies.


Artemis was born on the island of Delos under the parents of Zeus (Chief of the Gods) and Leto (Goddess of the moon). However, Leto was not Zeus’ wife and his real wife, Hera, sent a number of dangerous creatures after Leto to hurt her and try and show her anger about how Zeus had had an affair. Artemis was born nine hours before her twin brother, Apollo. Growing up on Mount Olympus was hard with Hera always looking over her with a snarl as Artemis played with her father Zeus. She grew up as a ‘Daddy’s girl’, always obliging by her father’s orders and happy to do almost anything he asked. However, when she grew older and understood exactly how she was born, she was upset how her father had lied to her over the years. This is partly why she finds people hard to trust unless they prove themselves. When she found out how Zeus had betrayed his wife Hera for Artemis’ mother Leto, she tried desperately to earn forgiveness from Hera. She bought her the most beautiful necklace and apologised profusely on behalf of Leto. Thankfully, Hera forgave Artemis and her mother as continued to live with Zeus throughout their immortal life.

Becoming old enough to train, Artemis took up archery as a hobby. She trained vigorously, finding that she enjoyed archery intensely and it wasn’t long until she was shot perfect. She could perform with speed and accuracy and she quickly moved from training on inanimate objects to hunting wild animals. From her very first go, her teacher found Artemis’ skills amazing as she shot down every animal she was instructed to hit with only one arrow each. Hearing of her archery skills, her father, Zeus, made her goddess of the hunt. A title she would prove worthy of to everyone she met.

Sometimes, Zeus made Artemis visit the mortal world. Artemis wasn’t too happy about it but obliged none the less. However, determined for people to see her for her, she gave herself a new identity for when she mixed with the mortals. She never addressed herself as Artemis in the mortal world but as Sophia. That way, she found that people actually saw her instead of being nice to her just because she was a Goddess.

Artemis lives on in her immortal life, carrying out her duties and goals to the best of her ability.


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Re: Artemis~ Goddess of the hunt

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