Athena -Goddess of wisdom, warfare and reason.

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Athena -Goddess of wisdom, warfare and reason.

Post  TheSilentAngel on Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:09 pm

Name~ Athena
Nickname[s]~ Athy - Lena
Age~ She lives forever so her age is undetermined. She is probably thousands of years old but she appears to be 20
Gender~ Female.
Species~ Goddess -Immortal
Hometown~ Mount Olympus. If you want to get technical... Well... Zeus's head. ^.^

Appearance~ Athena is a dainty girl with brown locks and deep brown eyes that hold much knowledge. More then any mortal and/or God could ever hope to contain. She has an hourglass figure and fair skin. In her true form, she favors white dresses and robes. Although her true form is beautiful, she loves to change. Her hair, eyes and skin may change color but her facial features always remain close to, if not, the same.

Personality~ Athena has a fiery personality even though she is quiet most of the time and stands at a decent height of 5'8" when in her disguised human form. She can be loud and exuberant but usually, she keeps to herself. She loves sharing her wisdom with those who truly deserve it. She also finds reasons to get into childish fights with her siblings even though she loves them dearly. If anyone tries to harm her family, she uses her gifts of wisdom and warfare to help keep balance in both the immortal and mortal worlds.

Background~ Athena is the daughter of Zeus and sister to Ares. She is seen by the Greeks as the wisest of all and is the Goddess of wisdom, warfare and reason. She is the goddess that was truly Zeus and Metis' child but there was a prophecy that Metis would bear a child more powerful than the father. To solve the problem, Zeus swallowed the pregnant Metis (after changing her into a fly) and Athena was born within Zeus. Soon Zeus was in great pain and Hephaestus took a double-bladed ax and cut open Zeus's head. There Athena came out, clothed in armor and fully-grown. Most do not think of Athena as Metis's child but just Zeus's because she had come from his head.
As Athena lives on Olympus, she often travels to the mortal world in a form close to her true one. But, no one expects that she is a Goddess because she does not tell anyone she is an immortal. Athena grew to love the mortal world and uses her gifts of bestowing blessings of strength and endurance, and wise counsel to help the mortals called humans. Some other powers she contains and uses when needed are shape-changing, becoming invisible,moving at incredible speed, and summoning storms.


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Re: Athena -Goddess of wisdom, warfare and reason.

Post  Innocent_ox on Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:40 pm

Accepted. Welcome to Olympus. (: x

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