Odyne - Goddess of Pain

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Odyne - Goddess of Pain

Post  VampireInTheSky on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:46 pm

Name~ Odyne
Nickname[s]~ Odi, Dee
Age~ 506, with an appearance age of about 20.
Gender~ Female
Species~ Goddess
Hometown~ Greece

Appearance~ Odyne has dark hair with eyes full of pain and misery. To look into them makes you want to fall to your knees and cry. She has a single tattoo of a human heart above her own, to signify her link to human pain. She has her ears pierced. Odyne is slim and beautiful, and has the look about her that any human can trust. This is why it is so easy for her to inflict pain when necassary.
Because Odyne is pain personified, she has multiple scars, in the usual places. She keeps them as keepsakes from the people she's hurt. She chooses to keep her face flawless because she doesn't want a marred face. She has scars across her back and many on her wrists. She has a few on her thighs and a single slash across her ankle.

Personality~ Odyne is very quiet and has a very spit personality. She loves to hurt people and she's always watching on the sidelines. She enjoys interacting with the other Gods and Goddesses. She can be very evil when she wants but secretly she longs for someone to love her, for she's been watching from the sidelines all of her life.
Due to her place in society, Odyne hasn't had much interaction with human beings and so she is not much of a people person. As a result she doesn't really know how to interact with other people. She tends to push people away from her because she is scared of feeling the pain that she has watched so many people suffer with.

Background~ Odyne was born in the Greecian times, when women wore very little white dresses and had long flowing curly hair. She was born of Zeus and one of his many lovers, though she does not know who her mother is. As every God or Goddess must know his or her parents, it caused Odyne a lot of pain. As a result, she became pain personified and inflicted her own pain in others for the entirety of her life.
Odyne travelled around the world, distributing the pain she had such control over. The power turned her bitter and she went down to Hades, becoming his lover for a while. From then on in, she stayed with Hades, and when his sick and twisted games brought him to Olympus, she followed willingly, not wanting to lose the power she had so desperately embraced.
Is Olympus strong enough to keep it's own with goddesses like Odyne around? Who knows. But Odyne is very sure that she's going to have some fun around here - and she's going to love it.



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Re: Odyne - Goddess of Pain

Post  Innocent_ox on Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:54 pm

Accepted. (: Welcome to Olympus. <3

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