Tallulah May~

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Tallulah May~

Post  Innocent_ox on Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:46 am

Name~ Tallulah May
Nickname[s]~ Tally
Age~ 18
Gender~ Female
Species~ Gifted Human.
Powers~ Her emotions conflict with the weather;
~ Anger- Storms
~ Sadness- Rain
~ Happiness- Sunshine
~ Love- Rainbow
~ Depression- Snow
~ Hurt- Hail

~ Can communicate with animals.

Appearance~ Tally has stunning aurburn hair that cascades down her shoulders in beautiful, perfect big curls. Its so vibrant it contrasts beautifully against her really pale features, and encapsulating dark green eyes. She has high cheekbones, and slim, delicate features with a small curvy figure that stands out in her usual sense of style. She likes to be inderpendant and with her unusual sense of dress she certainly stands out from the crowd- but in her cute way. She likes to wear cute dresses, with sneakers or converse, or wellies.

Personality~ Tally is a sweet girl, who finds company more in animals than she does people. Because of the way she dresses and stands out- she hasn't much friends as they dont look past her appearence, so she's learnt to spend her time with animals and has been given the gift of being able to communicate with them. She's quite a shy, nervous girl around people as she hasn't had much experience with them apart from her aunt, but she's happy when she's with animals, well.. at least as happy as she could be..
She wishes to find friends- people she can spend her time with and be happy, and even more so than that- she hopes to find love.

Background~ Tallulah was born into a life with her aunt, having her Father having died in the army, and her Mother dying giving birth to her her aunt was her last choice. Tally knew nothing of the unfortunate and dreadful past of loosing both her parents and she seemed happy with her aunty, living in a middle class state and not going without most things she wanted.

She went to school, but she always seemed to be the 'outcast', not wanted in anyones groups of friends. She was lonely, and unhappy but she kept that to herself. She noticed the weather always used to be ethier hailing, raining or snowing and it seemed very odd that even in summer it wouldnt shine with sunshine. As soon as she got a second of happiness it cleared like a flash and became sunshine, but as soon as she went back to school- the bad weather would begin again. Her aunt took her to the doctors anyway- just in case and they discovered she had some sort of connection to the weather. It was astonishable.

She became so lonely that she started to go for walks, just to get out and try to think what was "wrong" with her. She came across animals and was gobsmacked as they seemed to just sit down and come towards her. At first she was scared, that maybe she smelled funny or something but she began to be more calm, and started to spend her spare time with the animals. She made 'friends' with them and one day she started talking randomly. To her delighted surpise she found they responded. At firsts she thought she was going mad, but soon became happier that she had someone she could have a conversation with even if they werent human.

Now she wanderers after finishing the worst days of her life in school she goes from place to place to explore and travel, but still people seem to stay away from her. All she wants is someone to love her.. will that happen in Olympus?



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