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Devon King

Post  Naturelle on Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:53 am

Name~ Devon Samuel King
Nickname[s]~ King, DK
Age~ 23
Gender~ Male
Species~ Human
Hometown~ Portsmouth, England

Appearance~ Devon has short curly hair which is dark brown in colour. He is quite short for a male and doesn’t have much muscle but he makes up for it in wit and intellect. He is five foot ten in height and has dark brown eyes to match his dark hair. He can usually be found wearing some sort of shirt with jeans as he is a very laid back individual. Around his wrist is a tattoo of thorn branches weaving around each other. In the middle of the bracelet tattoo is the letter ‘D’ which is the initial of the one love he lost in his life. (see background)

Personality~ Devon is an extremely laid back individual who loves to relax. However, when put up to a challenge, he is determined to reach his goals. He can also be very caring and compassionate towards those who he holds dear. He can therefore be a great friend, understanding most issues and helping those he loves through difficult times in their lives. Despite all this however, Devon has a more rebellious side. He loves to party and has got very drunk in the past and committed acts to which he is not proud of. This rebellious side can sometimes just take over and lead him to do deeds which he later regrets.

Background~ Devon was born on the twentieth of August in 1986. His was born to Sarah and Martin King in Portsmouth. The family wasn’t rich at all but what they lacked in money, they made up for in happiness. Devon was born as the youngest of four children. His siblings, Joel, Nikita and Harriet, used to look after him and be a little overprotective as he was the youngest child but Devon didn’t mind as it usually meant that he got the most attention. Then, one day when Sarah took Nikita and Harriet for a ‘girl’s day out’, they were caught in a mugging. A band of violent men attacked them on their way back to the house. They were all injured and Devon’s mother, Sarah and his sister Harriet both died from their injuries. Only Nikita survived through her almost fatal injuries. Outraged at this act of random violence, Devon stopped being the ‘angelic’ child he once was and turned to drinking and violence. He stayed out all night and tried to take vengeance on anyone who insulted him or his family. He hurt several people and gained a reputation as being trouble. Then, he met a girl called Denise. She showed him that not everything is terrible and that things can be good in life. They went out and Devon started feeling that for once, not everything in life was bad. He was in love with her. Then, the same fate was inflicted on Denise and Devon was more heartbroken than ever. He got a commemorative tattoo around his wrist to remember her forever though now he was more lethal than ever. He was sick of Portsmouth – everything bad happened there – so he felt obligated to leave. He packed his bags the night of Denise’s funeral and left Portsmouth on a fishing boat. It brought him to Greece and there he travelled until he reached Olympus, a quiet town where it seemed that nothing bad could happen. He didn’t know however that Gods and Goddesses dwelled there. He knew nothing of gifted humans or Demi-Gods. He certainly is in for a big surprise…


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Re: Devon King

Post  Innocent_ox on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:22 pm

Accepted. I think my human should meet yours when I've done the character app. (; <3

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