Persephone :: Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld

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Persephone :: Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld

Post  Ember_Fangs on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:38 pm

Name~ Persephone
Nickname[s]~ Sephy, Seph, Spring.
Age~ Ageless
Gender~ Female
Species~ Goddess
Hometown~ Olympus

Appearance~ Persephone has scarlet red curly hair which falls to just below her shoulders with bright vivid green eyes like her mothers. She has a heart shaped face with a cute button nose and soft scarlet red lips. Her skin is paler than it should be due to her time in the underworld though she stands at about 5ft 4 with long legs and an athletically build body. She has one simple ear piercing in each ear and a black tattoo down her back from her husband Hades, in the shape of a skull with flowers twined around it. She also has numerous very faint silver lines from the scars where Hade’s raped and abused her.

Personality~ Sephy is all the good things you could name under the sun. She’s caring, sweet, devoted and she loves nothing more than to make people happy. She’s extremely close to her mother and her brothers and sisters though not so much her father, Zeus who she’s had a shaky relationship with. However, she’s a day dreamer and likes to be on her own from time to time, which has lead to her devastating past. She also has a very vicious jealous streak in her like the rest of her siblings; though who could blame her? Zeus is her father after all. She’s a great animal lover though and she’s terrified of fire and ice.

Background~ Persephone has probably one of the worst pasts in Greek Mythology. She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, one of the many and the favourite of her mothers. She grew up pretty well though her mother kept her away from her father as much as she could and sent her often to meadows to pick flowers. Persephone had always had a gift to give life to plants and trees. When she was out picking with other maidens, including Athena, she wondered off, attracted by the odd beauty of the moonlit meadow over by a stream.
Sephy was picking flowers she had never seen before in the moonlight, humming to herself when she picked a certain flower called narcissus. When she picked the flower the earth opened up and Hades came out from the underworld. Now, Sephy didn’t know but her father, Zeus had promised his brother Hades that he could marry his youngest daughter who ended up being Sephy. When he saw her picking the flowers he was caught by her outstanding beauty and wanted to possess her then. When she picked the flower it was his chance to claim her. He kidnapped her and took her to the underworld where he raped and abused her.
Persephone was in a state and for weeks all she wanted to do was go home. She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t sleep and she refused to do anything at all apart from when Hades forcibly dragged her around the Underworld to show her the sites and things they did to the tortured souls. Horrified and upset Sephy ran away from Hades and hid in one of the chambers in the underworld, crying when it finally dawned on her she would never see the outside world again, never see another flower and never see the sun which she loved dearly. When she was in her sour state of mind a mischievous God came to her and begged her to eat, saying she needed her strength to get away from here. Not knowing that if she ate food in the underworld she would be cursed to stay there forever, Sephy finally ate 7 pomegranate seeds.
When her mother finally found Sephy, she was heartbroken when she found out that Sephy could never come home because she ate the food in the underworld and so was doomed to stay there. After talking to Zeus and demanding something be done about it she was able to strike a deal that the girl would only have to spend 7 of the 12 months with Hades and the other 5 months she could stay with Demeter.
Reluctant but not having much choice, Sephy was bound to the underworld for seven months each miserable year. The time she spent on the Earth became known as Spring time and so she was known as The Queen of Death and the Goddess of Spring. Though she wasn’t always the sweet and innocent child she appeared to be to her mother. One time she found out that Hades was cheating with a lost soul, and having a large jealousy streak in her, Sephy crushed the girl into what humans called a Mint Plant when the girl had the cheek to say she was “More beautiful, more powerful and would be made Queen of the Underworld”.
However, Sephy also became the voice of reason in the underworld and on several occasions she sent souls who didn’t belong in a fiery hell hole back to the mortal world for a second chance. She also struck up a deal with one of her many sisters, Aphrodite, where she would spy on Aphrodite’s twin sister, Pain, and tell her what she was up to and if any threat came to those she cared about it. In return Aphrodite had a gift for her that won’t be given until Sephy does something that shows her sister that she really IS on her side.



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Re: Persephone :: Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld

Post  Innocent_ox on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:42 pm

Accepted. Smile

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