Hades, King of the Underworld

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Hades, King of the Underworld

Post  Checkaz on Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:04 pm

Name~ Hades
Nickname[s]~ None
Age~ Unknown
Gender~ Male
Species~ God
Hometown~ The Underworld, Olympus

Appearance~ Hades is a well built, yet still fit male with pale skin, hazel eyes and cold looking lips. He has tattoos down each arm, each representing something in his life and has many rings upon his fingers, one of which is his wedding ring to Zeus' youngest daughter, Persephone. When angered his skin flares up in heat as his eyes burn with a fiery rage that most would find scary and look away from. As the King of the Underworld, he has a seal placed upon his back so that he may only leave the Underworld on certain circumstances.

Personality~ Hades is a forceful and cruel God, ruling his kingdom with tyranny and horror. He shows no mercy for his victims, for that was all that he was shown from when Zeus cast him into the Underworld, but backs down when in the face of his brother, and has known to show some weakness when with his wife. He's never been shown love or compassion, so a strange lingering of loneliness and sadness hangs about him, yet he shows his emotion in the wrong ways, attempting to do what he can through methods he has only taught himself.

Background~ Hades was the one of the first gods to be born, alongside his brother, Zeus. Growing up, him and his brother were always rivalling against each other, trying to outdo each other in every kind of event imaginable, yet Zeus seemingly always prevailed, that is unless Hades cheated. As they grew up and took their points among the world, it was Zeus who became King of the Gods. Out of jealously of his brother, Hades attempted to kill Zeus, but the plan failed. For his treachery, Hades was shown no mercy by his brother and was positioned in the lowest possible reaches of the Earth, the Underworld, a seal planted upon his back so that he may never leave the Underworld unless under certain circumstances. Hades grew through hatred and despair as he longed to be released from his prison, pleading that he was sorry, even threatening to be let go, but over time, he simply did his duties and moved slowly onward. Through being in the underworld, Hades learnt his mastery over torturing all souls, placing them wherever they needed to go and sometimes having some fun of his own, taking women and raping them for his own pleasures, taking men and torturing them til they couldn't be tortured anymore, this was his fun for he had no other knowledge on how to have fun or how to love. Seeing his brothers pain put through by showing such hatred towards others, Zeus promised Hades his youngest daughter to be wedlocked, in an attempt to hopefully sate Hades' madness. Pleased with his brothers desicion, Hades long awaited for Persephone and when picking a flower, the circumstances were met and he arose to meet his bride-to-be. Upon looking at Persephone's beauty, he was immediately stunned and wanted her for his own. Ignoring Zeus' pact, he kidnapped Persephone for his own and abused and raped her, showing her love as he thought it should be shown. But when he tried to show her the wonders of his Kingdom, she'd turn away, despise him for what he was, and no matter what he tried to do, she wouldn't love him. Hades decided the only way to have her was to keep her for his own, with no escape and so, tricking her into eating the Seeds of the Underworld, she was eternally bound to his kingdom and forced to bewed him. When Zeus heard of his brother's treachery once again, Zeus and Hades formed a pact, eventually Hades agreeing to Zeus' demands. And so Hades sits upon his throne to this day, his unloving wife at his side, and his cruel, tyrannic, almost insane mind still running the souls to torture, longing for escape... longing for revenge.


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Re: Hades, King of the Underworld

Post  Innocent_ox on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:32 am

Accepted. (:

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