Main Plot. 2010

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Main Plot. 2010

Post  Innocent_ox on Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:38 am

Love is an emotion that can’t be forced, but can be rewarded...

Love is an emotion always given between and mother and child...

Love is a gift from each of the Gods.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, and the most beautiful God you could lay your eyes on. For this reason she had grown tired of humans, Gods and Demi-Gods abusing love, mistaking it for lust. Watching mortals worship her gift of love she has grown tired of not feeling the emotion for herself.

But not even the Gods are perfect, and bringing another one into the world based on lust was never something she wanted. Instead she visited each God and Goddess in turn and asked for a gift, a symbol of the greatness each immortal possess. Asking Hera; The goddess of family and marriage to help her in her challenge. She adds in every symbol from the Gods and with Hera’s last touch she manages to achieve her dreams.

But Pain, Loves twin sister, has other ideas. Having an almost obsessive crush on Hades, she’s willing to do almost everything and anything for him. But knowing what a perfect God would be like, and how happy her sister would be sickened her. She’d always been jealous of her sister for having the most powerful and beautiful gift of all when she was stuck with the heartbreaking pain. When the baby was born, she stole her away, and took her to the underworld and to Hades; he made her a mortal, and decided to hide her in Earths busy market places.

The search is on; will the child join the Aunt or Mother or find love in where she has been brought up in and who she has been brought up with?

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Re: Main Plot. 2010

Post  Naturelle on Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:40 am

well, it's different.

I like it Razz

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