Orion Christodoulou

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Orion Christodoulou

Post  Checkaz on Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:47 pm

Name~ Orion Christodoulou
Age~ 20
Gender~ Male
Species~ Human/Demi-God
Hometown~ Olympus, although originally born in Rhodes.

Appearance~ Short black hair with a rough look. Partially tanned skin, scruffy looking and battle-worn. Normally seen in armour, but has been known to be seen in formal wear for certain occasions. He looks beaten, yet still stands proudly as a man of the Greek Gods, after being named after a star constellation known as "Orion".

Personality~ Orion is a free-spirited, calm and strong man. Although he doesn't really believe in fighting, he will fight for what he cares about if pushed to the edge. He is a kind, concerning guy and a wanderer of the winds, normally found just laying back and letting the winds take his mind elsewhere. Orion's temper has only been lost a very few amount of times, and you really need to know how to get to him to be able to get his temper to rile up so much. But overall, Orion only wishes peace in Olympus, his new home.

Background~ Orion was born in Rhodes, upon the night where the stars shone brightly, the brightest of them all was the star constellation "Orion", in which he was named after. Orion lived with his parents which were farmers, and spent most of his life helping his father in the farms. It was only when Orion's Family's fortunes went down and his father was unable to work did Orion take up into the city to find work to help pay his families funds. For a time, Orion was a Gladiator, because he had no other qualities to gain himself a proper job with and because of his righteous cause, the Gods/Goddess' gave him the power to take down his foes, each win earning him enough money to both supply himself and leftovers to keep safe for his parents. However, upon returning home with enough funds to buy the farm for themselves, he found his father dead, his mother raped and murdered, their farmlands ravaged and their house burned.
This was the first and only time Orion lost his temper, he sought out the thieves and slaughtered them all, giving no pause to his lethality of attacks, even when they ran or begged to be spared. After realising what he'd done and dripping in his enemies blood, Orion prayed to the Gods for mercy and forgiveness for his irrational behaviour and upon his cries he was answered, the stairway to Olympus opened for him and he arose to take his place among it's citizens.


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Re: Orion Christodoulou

Post  Innocent_ox on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:46 am

Accepted. (:

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