Deimos - Demi-God of Ares

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Deimos - Demi-God of Ares

Post  SwordofAries on Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:43 am

Name: Deimos of Sparta
Nickname[s] The Dog
Age~ 21
Gender~ Male
Species~ Demi-god
Hometown~ Sparta

Appearance~ Deimos is a strong and broad youth, but lithe and gracefull as a willow wand, hiding a power that is disproportionate to his size. His smoothe olive skin glisten’s in the sunlight and his sandy blonde-brown hair glisten’s with a life of it’s own almost like spun gold, a gift from Aphrodite herself some say. Deimos eye’s hold Ares strength and have been told in his legend’s to strip away the lies and find the truth in everyone with their steel-blue hues and frighten even the most stalwart warrior in their intensity. Deimos wear’s armour as if born into it, his Corinthian styled helmet bare’s engraving’s of battle and shines in the sunlight as though made of glass, and not brass. The brass breastplate which cover’s his entire upper chest, is sculpted into a row of muscle’s that matched his own fine physical form, and his shin’s and lower leg’s are covered by a set of brass greaves and a leather skirt made if moving tab’s addorned with bronze that shimmer’s and moves within the sunlight.

Personality~ Deimos is a hard and unflinching individual who is seen as the epitome of Spartan youth, his bearing and stone wall personality seem intimidating to all those around him, untill it is that they earn the trust of the Deimos beneath, his softer and almost childlike side shines through, Deimos loves to give people happiness and will protect those he trust’s and loves with a fierce intesity matched only by the lightening bolt of Zeus himself. Deimos laugh has rarely been heard but as been known to charm bird’s from the tree’s and his smile is a gift from Apollo helping him to raise the sun in the morning.

Background~ Deimos legend began already in the myth’s surrounding his parentage. Some..however few say he is the son of Ares and the godess Aphrodite as they have a son Phobos who is an identical to Deimos. Other’s and especially amongst the spartan’s attest to him being the son of Gorgo, Wife to the departed Leonidas who died at Thermopalyae, Gorgo his erstwile mother cannot attest to his parentage as she is rumoured to have died mysteriously after birthing the child, and though the truth is known, It is only known by two individual’s. Ares..and Deimos. No other know’s the truth of his parentage, although on fact is certain. Deimos is a Demi-god.
As soon as the child Deimos was born in Sparta, the mother would wash it with wine, in order to make sure that it was strong. If the child was weak, it would die soon, Deimos survived this test and drank from the wine even as it was used to wash him, proving beyond a doubt that he had a strength yet to be seen. Later it was brought by his father to the elders, who inspected carefully the newborn infant. If they found that the child was deformed or weakly, they threw it into Kaiada, the so called Apothetae, a chiasm at a cliff, of the mount Taygetos. Deimos had no father, Leonidas being dead after the battle of Thermopalyae, and Ares the erstwhile father still high upon mount Olympus, He was brought to the mountain by one of Leonidas general’s Helios, Who presented him before the Elder’s who after but a few moment’s proved there was nothing wrong with the child.

When Deimos turned 7 he was taken cruely from the Spartan woman who had become his mother and given to the state. A rigorous discipline and mainly military type education, the so-called Agoge, commenced, lasting twelve years.
The boy enrolled in one of the many troops (the Ageles), which was under the supervision of a senior Spartan and at thirteen under the leadership of a prudent and brave youth, called Eirena ,supervised by an official (Paidonomos) and were drilled in gymnastics, running, jumping, throwing of spear and discus, and also taught to endure pain and hardship, hunger, thirst, cold, fatigue and lack of sleep. Deimos thrived throughout this hardship growing stronger each day untill he was able to surpass all those within his training Ageles, Many of whom were bitter at the seeming ease with which the boy surpassed them, adding to his legend as a Demi-god.
As Deimos turned 20, He was due to be entered into Military service, however on the eve of this birthday a handfull of Spartoi sent by Ares turned up and tried to take the boy from his Spartan barrack’s, The attack was repulsed by costing the lives of several brave spartan youth’s who also were due to join the army. Deimos fought like a man possesed, refusing to be taken so from the barrack’s, and during this battle it was that Ares messenger appeared before him, A wolf of immense size, the world around Deimos spun and whirled as the wolf told him all of his parentage and awakened the truth within him.
As if in a daze Deimos layed down his arm’s and in a flash stood before Ares on Olympus..and so the rest of his life began.


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Re: Deimos - Demi-God of Ares

Post  Innocent_ox on Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:19 pm

Accepted. (:

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