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Ann-Vinette Castello

Post  *~!The 007!~* on Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:04 am

Name~ Ann-Vinette Chastello
Nickname[s]~Vi, (though she hates being call it.... ->) Ann
Age~ 19
Gender~ Female
Species~ Demi-god
Hometown~Elefsina, small town on the coast of Greece.

Appearance~ Ann-Vinette is slender build young woman, her slim build usually is deceived as weak, which is not at all what she is.She is about 5'5 and very light weight. She has a tattoo of a winged horse on her left thigh. She has long wavy blond hair, that glimmers in the light. She also has green eyes that always seem to look out toward the water. She usually wears ether her white tonic or a imported dress that her step father had given her.. She also hides a knife under her clothing on her right thigh.

Personality~ Ann- Vinette is a kind person at times, and others very stubborn, She will stand her ground until proved wrong. She Loves to go out to the beach and watch the waves hit against stand, she also loves horse back riding. And tends to go out on her horse Wind-runner, for a ride on the beach or forest. She's very productive over her things, and herself. She doesn't easy trust people because of her mother. When she's upset or angry she usually runs to a lake or beach to calm herself down, when she cant go there. she Goes to her Horse.

Background~ Ann-Vinette Chastello was born in Elefsina, A small town on the shore lines of Greece. Her Mother, Grace Chastello, Lived in a small house close to the beach That was close to her job. Ann-Vinette was named after some actress her mother liked that was from France, though She never knew why her mother liked the stage actress. As she grew up she came to the understanding that her mother resented her... She could always hear her mother mumbling to her self, 'why couldn't I have a boy instead?' hearing those words Ann-Vinette dented to keep to herself in her child hood. She was picked on by some of the older girls for not wearing her "sandals" from time to time. So She then dented to stay away from other kids as well as her mother. She never knew who her father was for along time, she just knew that she never met him. She always seemed to find comfort by the sea, when she was away from her home she never felt as at ease as she was by the sea. When she was 10 a horse trader moved into the small town, She would go over to the fence line and watch the many horses. As she soon found out she could understand them though she didn't understand how. She spent part of her day every day for a few months coming to watch the horses to go about, Some even came over to her asking for sugar or some kind of treat. She'd always have to denied them because she never had a treat with her, but she did hand feed them some grass to make them happy. The horse trader man, decided to let her ride some of the horses to keep in shape before the weekend horse. During her time with the horses, Her mother got a rich boyfriend from Turkey, that she soon got married to.Her Mother convinced her new stepfather not to move for awhile and stay in the small town for a few years anyways.Though Her mother ignored her most of the time, She did give her one gift.. a gold colored knife... She became upset more often and ran to the beach more. Soon she started to see how the waves matched her anger, and how they were calmer more normal when she was at ease. She finely got up the nerve on to ask her mother who her father actually was then. When her mother answered, Ann- Vinette was set into shock.. Her father was Poseidon.. God of the waters... Creator of the horse... She Finely understood how she could under stand the horses..why the waves changed with her mood... it all made since now.. She then had a new goal in life.. to go to Olympus.. though her mother wouldn't let her go since she was only 13.. she stayed with her mother, and step father. eager to leave the small town away from her mother..
Her step father gave her things that were imported, such as dresses and books, on her Birthdays, her step father felt Little bad for her, since her and her mother were on such bad terms...
Her time with the horses was more as the horse trader had more horses that he shipped out.. Though one day a white horse was brought in, wilder then any of the other she's ever seen come in.. also faster. when the men finely got the horse into one of the pens it just ran.. and ran... non stop. tossing its head. every time a person tried to go in with the horse they would end up being kicked, bit or slammed into a fence.. The horse trader was ready to get the horse killed. when Ann-Vinette stepped in saying she could tame the wild horse. The horse trader told her that if she could Tame that horse to be ridable. she could have the horse. And so she did... she was able to Talk to the horse. and the horse understood her as she understood the horse. So the rest of her young years up to date was spent with the horse she tamed, and named Wind-runner, Riding bare back on the beach.
When she turned 19, her mother told her that she was moving away with her stepfather, moving to live in Turkey with him. She told her mother goodbye, and she would be in Olympus if she ever needed her.. and they split there ways each going there own way.


her knife:

her tattoo:


~Hope it all looks okay o.o XDD ~
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Re: Ann-Vinette Castello

Post  Innocent_ox on Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:56 am

Accepted. (: x

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