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Adrastea Andromache

Post  Dark on Mon May 16, 2011 2:45 pm

Name~ Adrastea Andromache (Greek Meaning: The inescapable battle of a man {That is if you put them together of course})
Nicknames~ Adra, Astea, or Muse
Age~ 20 years old
Gender~ Female
Species~ Half Muse and half primarch (the ancestor to modern day vampires)
Hometown~ Born on Olympia but raised in Patras (215 kilometers west of Athens)

Appearance~ Adrastea stands to a full height of 5’7” tall with a slim and athletic build. She has longer, graceful, limbs with a smaller torso, making her slightly disproportional though not enough to entirely be noticed. She has softer curves rather then the bigger curves that most girls crave and she works with it. Her skin is only slightly tanned, with a tendency to get a bit darker in the summer.
Her eyes are a metallic bronze color, wide and almond shaped with dark lashes surrounding them. They are sharp and intelligent with good eyesight in both the day and the night thanks to her vamperic parentage. Her eyes take on a redder coloration when she is in the throws of blood lust, a condition brought on by the vamperic half of her body where she craves blood. It is something she cannot control and is calmed by her drinking blood every morning to prevent herself from getting to this point. She has to be careful though as to much blood can cause her to become sick.
Her hair is pure white and falls to her ankles. It is silken soft and cut with shorter bangs in the front, sweeping long enough to be tucked behind her ears but to not constantly stay there. Usually a purple ribbon around the base of it holds it behind her, about at her knees. There is often a section on her right side that is held together at shoulder level with a small purple band and then left to fall down with the rest.
She has one scar on her entire body, a jagged line that starts on the inside of her thigh and goes to the outside in a crooked line. It is on her right leg and is usually covered by a bandage as she doesn’t like others to see it. To add to this she usually wears a black skintight suit that covers her body all the way down each arm, just about halfway down her upper thigh and over her neck. It can be pulled up to cover to the bottom of her eyes but isn’t typically done so. Her legs are left exposed by this and the kimono styled robe she wears over this, usually something in a soft and light color. It tends to have wide flowing sleeves and be belted around her waist. She doesn’t particularly like shoes but she will were sandals when needed.
She also has a tattoo on her left leg of a dragon, the more serpent style ones that don’t have legs or wings. Its tail is at the inside of her ankle with the head up high on her thigh.

Personality~ She’s a quiet girl, though she certainly has her loud moments as well. She’s really only quiet because she’s been trained that way over her long life. She tends to like to just chill out really, find new things to do and be outside often. She’s very sweet and nice enough, though if you cross her you’d best have a very good hiding spot and plan to spend a good long time there as well. She has a fierce temper, something her mother has always sworn came from her father.
She tends to be very touchy about her mother, preferring when people keep away from the topic and snapping when they don’t. She is also a rather hyper person, though not in the loud bouncing off the walls sort of way, more in the just a constant flow of energy kind of way.
She has a bit of a devious nature to her, not always following the rules or making them up as she goes. She likes to get into a bit of trouble and finds it fun to get those she doesn’t like into more trouble.
She tends not to be afraid of much to be honest, though that is mostly through the conditioning she put herself through at a young age. She didn’t want to be one of those sissy girls that ran away from things, she much preferred to be fighting with the boys and such. She likes to be logical and does her best to ignore fear in favor of action, however she has a strange fear of cactuses. She also adores practicing with weapons, a most un-maidenly activity.

Background~ She was born to the muse Terpsichore, the muse of dance, and an ancient vampire. It was a one-night stand for her mother, one she was not supposed to gain a child out of. However, she did and she didn’t really mind that. After all it gave her a beautiful daughter and that was fine with her. She was raised by her mother and the other Muses, raised to dance and sing and all those things that the muses did best. However, she constantly snuck out as a child to watch the men practice with weapons. She even convinced a man into teaching her some things as she got a little older, after all she was the daughter of a muse and, as such, inspiring a man to do something was a natural talent for her.
It was during one of these practicing that she and the man were found out. She was only 15 at the time but that didn’t matter to the men that found out about it. They pushed her around, cutting her leg and punishing the man quiet severely. They didn’t want a woman to learn their arts as she was better suited to living in the house and taking care of such things. They were hard men, who didn’t mind showing her her place.
She ended up only becoming more determined after hat to do what was right. She trained harder and became more sneaky after she had healed completely. Since then she has worked at her natural talents as well, working with the vamperic side of her to increase her strength and speed while using the natural talents of her muse half to keep people off her trial and off balance.



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Re: Adrastea Andromache

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