Amethyst {Finished Application}

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Amethyst {Finished Application}

Post  Dark on Mon May 16, 2011 5:45 pm

Name~ Amethyst
Nicknames~ Amy, Precious
Age~ 243 years (Looks only about 19)
Gender~ Female
Species~ Vampire
Hometown~ Unknown

Appearance~ Amethyst was named for the pale purple color of her eyes and hair. Her eyes are darker and more vibrant then her hair, giving them a more clear coloration while her hair is pale enough to often be mistaken for gray or white. Her eyes are round and innocent, holding a soft and caring look. Her hair is perfectly straight and falls to the backs of her knees, cut into bangs around her face that fall to the bottom of her ear. It is soft and holds and gentle sheen to it.
Her skin is softly tanned, barely colored beyond a light sun kissed look. She has only one scar on her entire body and that is actually two small circular marks on her neck. They are the result of multiple feedings by a vampire and also the result of her becoming a vampire.
She has slim fangs that come down when she needs to feed and her eyes turn a bright crimson when this happens. Her body is all soft curves and slim limbs. She isn’t the athletic type of skinny where she has toned muscles but rather just the soft skinny that comes naturally. Though she has some nice curves to her body. Curves that are only enhanced by the clothing she wears. She goes for soft colored clothing in wrap styles usually, meaning bolts of cloth that wrap around her form and tie in artful ways. Usually one for her upper half and one for the lower, exposing skin and things that are easily and quickly removed from the form. The only thing that never comes off is the golden cuff around her left wrist, engraved with the name of her creator, Isafler. She tends to like to wear fresh flowers in her hair and also tends to keep it pinned back away from her face.

Personality~ She is quiet and reserved, not really coming out of her shell. She tends to be one to follow the orders of others rather then going against things and causing trouble. She doesn’t like to hassle others and doesn’t really know what to do with herself when she’s on her own. She isn’t used to making choices for herself so she doesn’t typically speak up about what she wants in any situation, she’s far happier following someone else’s lead.
She has a very kind heart though and doesn’t like to cause pain to anyone or harm to them either. She doesn’t want to stir things up and can’t stand to see a child or animal in pain. She just wants to help everyone, that’s all she wants. She wants to do good in this world and to find someone who will take her in and perhaps help her to become more confident in herself and in what she can do.

Background~ She does not remember her human life, all she knows is she was reborn 243 years ago to a man who was her world from that point on. She was 19 when he took her from her original family and brought her to his home. He fed from her many times before he turned her into a vampire, finding her to precious to give up. When she was reborn he gave her a new name, Amethyst. He named her such for the color of her eyes and hair.
He was not a cruel man to her, but he was a cruel man to the world. Of course, that was because he was a vampire and though the world belonged to him. He had a tendency to be extremely cruel to people, but he kept her away from that. He also fed her nearly solely form his own blood. This caused her to become enthralled to him, and has resulted in her quiet personality and tendency to feel safer when she is taking orders from someone else.
She was his favorite of his girls, though he had many of them. He doted greatly on her and bought her whatever he thought she might want. And in return she gave him everything, her love and her body. She knew nothing of the outside world but what little he told her and he made sure that what he told her made her want to stay with him even more.
They came to Greece only ten years back and established a home here. For five years they were happy until a human killed her creator but that human could not bring himself to kill her. She was so scared of the world and of being completely alone that he could not bring himself to do it.
So instead he took her in and she lives with him, trying to find a way to live in a world that she fears and doesn’t understand.



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Re: Amethyst {Finished Application}

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