Azaaera Baeguiraheal

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Azaaera Baeguiraheal

Post  Dark on Mon May 16, 2011 7:38 pm

Name~ Azaaera Baeguiraheal
Nicknames~ Aza, Erry
Age~ 17
Gender~ Female
Species~ Half elf – half goddess (daughter of Eros)
Hometown~ Drenri {Elvin village in the wilds of Greece}

Appearance~ She’s a small girl, standing only 5’2” tall at her full height. Her body is on the smaller side but with an hourglass figure to her. Her body is well-proportioned, slim limbs with a small torso and small shoulders. She looks rather delicate for it. Her hands are long and elegant, though of course she is an elf so she does just have an elegant air about her. Not to mention she is the daughter of the God of lust so there’s that thrown into the mix.
As with all her Elvin kin she has elongated ears that are slim and tend to tremble when she is feeling shy or uncomfortable. They protrude from soft blonde hair that falls straight to the middle of her back. It is cut shorter around her face to frame it. It also frames wide dark purple-red eyes. They are wide and innocent in a face of small features and a heart shape to it. They hold a shy look though show her obvious intelligence as well.
She tends to wear the clothing of her people, which happens to be quite close to what is normally worn anyway. She has a tendency to go with flowing dresses in greens and other earthy colors. Usually things that don’t show her form to well as she doesn’t like the attention it brings to her.

Personality~ She has a rather shy personality, being quiet. She does have her own mind though and she doesn’t mind speaking up when she feels she isn’t being listened to or respected. She’s not one to be stepped on and pushed aside easily. She tends to be most outspoken when it comes to animals and children as they are what she cares most about.
She is an extremely giving woman, someone who will stop and help a person just because they need to help. This does make her easy to take advantage of though, especially with the fact that she is also a very trusting person. She likes to believe the best of everyone, thinking that everyone is a good person deep down.
She does have a temper, one that doesn’t flare up often but one that is still there. It is usually quick to burn out though and she goes back to being quiet rather easily.

Background~ She was born of a one nightstand between her father, Eros, and her Elvin mother. She had an extremely happy childhood, running around with her brothers and sisters. Her mother was a married woman after all and had three other kids by the time that Azzaaera came about. Though this didn’t actually put strain on her mother’s marriage as her husband had passed two years prior to her birth. Her older siblings adored her and helped her mother to raise her.
They took her out to play with them all the time and did what they could to teach her about the world. They taught her weapons, though she was never that great with them, and the finer arts of sewing, singing and dancing. She took better to the fine arts then she did to the rest.
Now her mother is sick and only getting worse, and Azaaera is far to young to be on her own in a world that doesn’t understand her. So she has sent her daughter to Olympus to find her father and hopefully find a home in the world of the Gods and Goddesses.



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Re: Azaaera Baeguiraheal

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