Rules For Posting.

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Rules For Posting.

Post  Innocent_ox on Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:29 pm

Here are a simple list of rules in posting with your character[s].

~ Please keep your posts at a minium of 4 sentances long. It's very hard to reply to posts shorter than that.
~ Please only post when your character have been accepted, and its the same for all the characters you make.
~ If you have a problem with posting with a particular someone please pm me; Innocent_ox and I will do my best to sort out an arrangement.
~ Try to post with different people instead of the same all the time, it gives you a chance to meet new people and no one is left out in posting.
~ Please dont mess with the plots. Keep them how they are and don't say something that could complicate it or be the complete opposite to the plot.
~ NO bullying. I will not tollerate it. It will result in a ban.
~ If you are away for a long period of time. Please let Innocent_ox know so that she wont delete the account.


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