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Post  Wooden_Horse on Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:08 am

name: sethos metroxis
nickname(s): sethos, seth
age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: templarian soldier
Hometown: Troy

Appearance: seth is a strongly built character, tall and powerful. he wears steel armour, and undderneath it, leather armour, for comfort. on the steel plate, it is engraved with the emblem of an eagle, the sign of freedom. he has dark, charcoal black hair and beard, and has a shield strapped to his back.his katana is fastened in a case on his left hand side, and also a small scar across his left eye.

personality: seths personality isnt that detailed. he is a kind, gentle person, who cares for all. if he ever see's someone in need, he will help them, whatever the cost. he also cared deeply for his friends, and will always respect a persons wishes and keep up to his word. but get on his wrong side, the punsihment could be quite grim, as he is a trained warrior

there isnt much to tell about seths background. he was born in faraway rome, and was trained as part of the biggest ver military force of the time. he trained for many years, up until he was 18, when he was sent as a post (a gaurd) in greece. his base, when he was 20, was viciously attacked by a greek barbarian force, and he was aken away from his group of soldiers. he eventually got lost, and knowing that you must be lost to find a place that cannot be found, or everyone would know where it is. he wandered into olympus, a great mountain where the gods reside. after climbing up the mountain, he asked to seek aries, the god of war. after going to him, seth asked whether he should follow the path of the warrior. aries said that there is a storm coming, and that seth should prepare for it. seth then left the mountain, got a job as a blacksmith, trains daily, and lives in the northerest town of olympus.

thanks for reading Smile


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Re: sethos

Post  Innocent_ox on Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:12 am

Accepted. (:

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